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Showing posts from April, 2013

SPX/SIS 2013!

I just had to do a fanart of Loka Kanarps wonderful mascot for SIS/SPX 2013! Hope to see you there! :)

Girl and Wolf fight

Running horsie + kitten

A drawing I made for Kamirah as a part of a creative challenge over at facebook. :)


So I got myself an Instagram account if anybody would be interested. :3 You can find it here. I'll be posting art there as well, a long with a bunch of photos of Selma. XD

Anim + BG

Another WIP of the animation from the previous post. Now with a fullcolor- bg! ;)
And a guy.

Rough animation

So I had a fight with Flash today. After working with it almost an entire day, it corrupted the file I was working in. The last file restoration was made five hours earlier, which essentially meant five hours of work - gone. Thank you Flash...
However, I decided to become friends with the program again and to practice animation. So I did this rough animation draft that I plan on finishing someday.
Feedback on how to improve it is always appreciated!

Yeah bby!

Quick doodle. Reff was used. :)


After a few insane weeks involving multiple tight deadlines I finally found some breathing room and time to doodle something for myself. I found this old kangaroo-doodle that I threw some color on. Nothing too fancy since I still have one deadline left to finish.Gotta start on it as soon as I finish this post.
And here's a sketch that I might work more on sometime. The tail is interfering with the paw at this point, but I still want to use this sketch for something in the future. Involve it in a story of some sort. But for now, it's just a rough doodle, untamed and unpolished. ;)

Now, back to work! *sharpens pencil*

A comic

What is this? A comic?
-Yes indeed. :)
I have been working on a short project with my partner in crime Joakim. We recently finished the last bits and pieces of it so it should be out in time for the bookfair this atumn.