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Another one of the games that I've worked has recently been released. :)
You can play it for real here!

Summer plz!

No art, just a photo I took a few summers ago. I so want it to be summer right now. Go away snow! Go away winter! o__O
It has been freezing cold around here for months now and I've just about had enough. Sun! Pleeease!! Shine here for a little bit?!
Okay, enough with this desperate post. You all take care now! X3

Sketch and Finish

Sketch and Finish.^^ Playing around with a bunch of brushes, filters and whatnot, but now I figured it's time to leave this one and move on to the next. 



En bild jag gjorde i Januari till Fanny som en del av en art-challenge på Facebook. :) Jag kände mig rätt så nöjd med motivet när det var klart, bara för att två dagar senare hitta den här bilden... Och ytterligare en dag senare den här. Seriously?! XDDD
...I realize that my idea wasn't that original, haha! But I'm still happy with it anyhow. ^^ And I hope Fanny likes it! :)
And now it's time for a sketchdump! :)