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I made a comic today. ^^  This story has probably been done quite a few times already, but I just did it for fun so that's all there is to it. X)


some quick environmental concepts.
And some coloring practice. It started out as a mouth and then it grew into this.


A quick capricorn-sketch before I go to bed..


This years Valentines Day-card I made for my boyfriend. :3

My foot is crying

True story. >.< However, I haven't actually broke my foot (not that I know now at least) But it hurts for sure. :/ (I ran to the tram today and made a bad step) So now I look like an old lady when I walk. ^^'
However, that doesn't stop me from sketching! X3


It has been too long...

...Since I posted a sketchdump. So here it is! :)

Horse and Fox

I have been painting on this on and off between projects, but now I'm gonna call it done and move on to the next one.   I actually ended up liking the cropped version better than the full one. But I'm posting both of them here anyway. ^^

Foxy fox