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Dog 2.0

I'm being really busy at the moment, so this is merely a quick sketch I did as a reward for myself. A dogface. :3

Gotta make my mind up, which foot can I take?

As you might notice this poor dog has three front paws. I couldn't decide which one I wanted to keep/delete, so I kept them both. I think one of them has a better silhouette, but the other one is more expressive.
Anyhow, a quick warm up before I get to work. :)


Random doodle page. ^^

Monkeypirate colored

Colored version of my monkeypirate-sketch I posted a few weeks ago. :)


I entertained myself with painting a flirty cat this evening.


A cropped out part of a larger image. It's an oldie but goodie. I believe it's dated back to 2009...^^ Pirate-girl and her squid-friend. And some background concept.