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Snart bokmässa!

So I talked to my good friend David on skype the other day, and we thought it would be fun to make a collab; one person makes the rough sketch, the other one turns it into a finished piece. So I sent him one of my quick sketches for him to complete, and he sent me one of his:  My final piece turned out like this: It was great fun and something I'd really love to do again when I get the time! :)

From one thing to another; I had an awesome weekend celebrating my bestest cow-friend Maria and her boyfriends birthday! :) And I learned that bacon pancakes are super addictive!
Och justja! Nu på torsdag börjar Bokmässan! Jag kommer o vara där under större delen av helgen tillsammans med my partner in crime Elisabeth! ^^ Nån mer som ska dit?



A chibi-doodle I decided to color.There's some problems with the silhoutte of it so I'm not entirely happy with it... But I am happy with the color scheme, so that's why I'm uploading it here. :)
That pink book thingy was ment to be an x-box control from the beginning but then it just turned into that pink square for no particular reason.

Anyway, now I'm off to paint something else. :)

New blogbanner

A doodledump, and a new blogbanner. I grew tired of the old one quite fast, hopefully this one will stay for a bit longer. :)


Need help? Call Waspman! :D
Or... Grassman!!


A cropped out part of stuff I'm currently working on. :) I have two deadlines coming up shortly so I better get back to painting now. ^^