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Messy doodles

Doodles done while talking on the phone. The lower one later turned into this: This one has been posted here before, but I played around with it today, added some textures and color tweaks, and ended up liking this version better than the original one. So I figured I'd post it as well. ^^

Horse anim

Entertained myself with doing some small animations when I got home from work today. They are far from perfect and they do have some choppy frames, but it was done just for fun so I'm not going to take them any further right now. Critique is always appreciated however. :)


One of these days I'm gonna have to learn how to draw motorcycles. ^^' Does anyone know if there's something similar to posemaniacs, but with vehicles out there? In that case, plz send me a link! I'd appreciate it loads! o___O Now back to work. :) Seven more illustrations to go!

Quicky paint



An art response I did to an image I recieved a while back. ^^ Recieving fanart/giftart is such a joy, and I am extremely grateful for all the awesome pics I have recieved from fellow artists over the years! <3333 Thanks so much you guys! YOU ROCK!


Somebody found cake! :D Mohahaha!